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Pinterest ads vs. Facebook Ads vs. Google ads: Who’s better?

The rivalry between existing social media outlets is ascending with technological advancements. New trends and upgrades determine the success of these social sites. Since then, these social networking platforms have evolved from just a fun place to hang out to full-blown advertisement hubs. With the evolving technologies and features on offer, it is becoming difficult to comprehend which platform is better suitable for businesses.

The most popular platforms that every digital marketer uses nowadays are Facebook and Google ads. Pinterest is also evolving from an idea hub to an advertisement platform. To achieve maximum exposure, boost sales, and attract new customers, many businesses use Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Facebook Ads altogether. They use different strategies that align with the features or functionality of each social platform and see an exceptional return on investment.

But if we follow the statistics, people spend more on Pinterest advertisements than on Google or Facebook. Currently, a platform of Pinterest is responsible for attracting 41% of e-commerce traffic, which is twice that of other platforms. However, we will share some pros and cons of using these platforms to understand which is better.

Facebook ads

Facebook’s capacity to forecast human behavior is improving every day. Over the decade of using A.I. technology, data collecting, and cookie monitoring, Facebook is prominent as the top data collector of all human interactions. But then, persistent and continual advertising is one reason why many people quit Facebook.

Pros of using Facebook advertisement


Immersive ad sets, such as Facebook’s instant experience advertising, can instantly move users to an app-like brand environment. The full-page interactive approach allows companies to create a compelling plot while presenting content marketing elements that could go undetected on a website.


As a result of its various targeting options, Facebook is among the most cost-effective ad platforms. The cost of running a Facebook ad is a fraction of what it would be on a site like LinkedIn. Depending on the objective and exposure of your ad, it costs just £1 per day.

Wide customers approach

Facebook has over 2.6 billion active users monthly and shows no signs of stepping down soon. Facebook is the finest approach to contacting many individuals due to its various demographics and age ranges.

Cons of Facebook Ads


It’s hard to stand out in a marketplace when many businesses use Facebook advertisements. Getting people’s attention and having your ad stand out might not be easy.

F.B.’s law of 20%

If you covered more than 20 percent of the image with text, your Facebook ad would not be allowed. When creating copy pages, use eye-catching images to grab your audience’s attention. Facebook will inform you and advise you to alter your profile picture or cover photo.

How effective is the Pinterest platform for your advertisements?

Pinterest has expanded to over 70 million active users nearly seven years after its inception. Like other social networking sites, you may set up your Pinterest account as a business one. Want to use it to promote your business? Here are the advantages and downsides of utilizing Pinterest to promote your business.


Everything can be accessed.

On Pinterest, everyone has access to everything. In your profile, you may choose a certain set of interests. However, you can browse anything and be able to access it.


The time of pinned ads can last over a month. If they like it, people will keep pinning an image on a web page, which means it will keep getting more traction and views. An e-commerce enterprise can benefit from this by increasing awareness about its products.

Requires images

It means that you need a decent photograph before you can pin anything. If your image is of good quality, it may do well in searches on Pinterest.

Search engines will still consider the number of individuals who pin to your page and the frequency with which they do so.


Limited Audience

Pinterest has a small audience, which is a major drawback. The community’s major portion consists of females, but that is changing. However, the one thing that is appealing is the audience is younger.

Google Ads

Regarding the number of users, Google AdWords is the largest and most effective PPC advertising platform worldwide. Due to its widespread use, AdWords is associated with “paid search.”

Marketers and business owners have to pay a fee to reach the best spots in Google’s search results. It is a wonderful method to acquire more visibility for your business and generate more visitors to your website. Still, getting your mind around may be a bit confusing initially.


Reaches your targeted demography

Rather than having irrelevant traffic on your site, you want a targeted audience that will boost your business. You can target people of certain demography who are more likely to be interested in what you are offering.

Targeting options in Google Advertisements are comprehensive. You can decide when and who views your ads. Also, make sure to perform your keyword research.

Paces up your marketing results

This is an excellent way to improve your website’s SEO, but it takes time. A fast track to success? That’s what PPC advertising with Google Ads is all about! But there might be some uncertainty and complexity associated with SEO.

Measures and monitors are your ads.

You may get a lot of information on your ad campaigns using Google’s tools. Click-through rates and how much you’re spending for each click are displayed. As a result, you’ll be able to gauge the performance of your advertising and make changes as necessary. Your advertisements’ performance can be improved by monitoring and modifying the ads.


Ads only last till your budget

With Google AdWords, your results only endure if your budget allows them to do. Google will cease displaying your advertisements if your budget runs out, leaving you back at square one. Mixing organic and paid search marketing is the ideal way to optimize your results.

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