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 So Oppo has just brought the Renal eight pro 5G to the UK and I for one and rather chuffed with that cuz this bright green bugger here bust the same SP terrific camera tech as that. Excellent but crazy expensive. pH five pro plus one of media tech’s freshest chip sets, ideal for GI and lots of other clever stuff that’ll make you go, Ooh, that’s very clever.

And I’ve actually been using the oppo Reno eight Pro as my full-time smartphone for about a week now. But regardless, I’m gonna shove it back in the box for about a minute or so. So I can call this an unboxing as well as a review. Hip, hip are. So anyway, enough of me banging on Apart from the sea, please do pork subscribing.

Do the bell thing, and let’s do it all righties then. So what do you get in this lovely, bright, colorful. Well, you’ve got yourself one Op Reno, eight Pro 5g one rather sizable 80 Wat Super V Charger. Hey, jolly, we USB cable and that is basically your lot or condom case, so other extra bits to speak of. So let’s turn our attention to the Oppo re it Pro 5g.

Bit of a mouthful could probably do without the 5G bit, but then every other smartphone in 2022 seems to be sticking with that. And speaking of 2022 trends, we’ve once again got a flat edge design. And I’m not really sure why this design is all the ridge because it’s not particularly comfortable to grip, especially when you’re dealing with a mighty 6.7 inch blower like the Reno eight pro.

Definitely have to knock it down some marks for the general hand feel, and I can certainly see a opera’s uni body design here having a kind of a maite effect on people. Me, myself, I’m not particularly enamored with it. I have to say from the moment I pulled it out the box, I thought it looked rather chunky and certainly nowhere near as refiners.

Those gorgeous find X five smart. It’s a proper big bugger as well, despite the fact that the bezel surrounding that flat display are reasonably skinny. And that’ll be easier to make out if I actually swapped a lighter background like so. All that morning aside, there are elements of ops designed that I do rather like, such as the bit of green highlighting here on the power button.

And the way that that camera chassis does blend in nicely with the R and you do have a bit of a bump there, but it is quite. This right here is the Glazed Green Model, but you can also grab the Opera re eight Pro 5G in Glazed Black. If you hear it, color and joy and happiness up front, you’ve got a Gorilla Glass five plate in for that display and a pre-installed screen protector as well for extra hardiness and it’s IP 54 splash resistant.

So no worries if this smartphone. Gets a little bit moist, so let’s turn your attention anywhere to the software and what you have here. ISO’s very on color OS version 12, though on top of Android 12. However, the Reno eight pro should be getting that color OS 13 upgrade imminently. And if you’d like to know more about color OS 13, well great news.

I just did a whopping great video where I banged on at length about some of the great new features packed in there. It’s a proper hands on efforts. God check that out for all you need to. I won’t therefore waffle on about the software here on the Reno eight Pro, but it’s a fairly stock version of Android.

You’ve got your Google Discover feed, dragged down that notifications bar from anywhere, access the control center, toggles, all that good stuff. You’ve got plenty of customization options to play around with it as well, including full on, always on display and mess around with the colors, the fonts, the animations.

Well, it certainly has its quirks. I do like color os. My major bug bear with oppo smartphones is the amount of crap where you get packed on by default. Lots of stuff like tile master, 3d, Roland twins, whatever that is, something with some horrifically cute dinosaur. The only extra bits I actually like are the phoned manager, which has got some nifty tools in my shortcuts to some very important features.

Good bit of diagnostics. And because life as a full-time YouTube twat is rather stressful at times. I do like a bit of a relax. Ah, all right. That’s enough for that. Bollocks. Your security needs, you’ve got an indis display, optical fingerprint sensor, and like most in display sensors these days, absolutely fine.

Nice and quick and responsive. I’ve had absolutely zero problems with it the past week, despite the fact you’ve got that pre-installed screen protector covering the. And you’ve got yourself a bit of face unlock on there as well. If for whatever reason you can’t use your hands to just hit that power button, as you can see immediately leaps straight into the desktops as well.

Possibly not the more secure it might be easily fooled cause it does seem incredibly fast to act and upward is very kindly stuffed. 256 gigs of internal storage into the Reno eight Pro. And it’s just as well there been generous because there’s bugal space for a micro SD memory card in the double-sided simr.

So the little bit of crap wear aside, no complaints on the. Frontier on the upper renal eight Pro. I’ve had no issues with crashing or apps behaving in a crazy fashion, anything like that. It’s just behaved itself. Now this is certainly one of the biggest smartphone screens of 2022. It’s a 6.7 inch Amad display with full HD plus resolution.

So even though it’s pretty spacious, you still get some nice crisp visuals coming through, and this panel matches the competition. When it comes to gorgeously sharp contrast. You’ve got full support for HGR streaming in the likes of Netflix. The color motor is set to vivid by default, and I quite like those punchy poppy colors.

You can dial things back if you want to. Nice wide view and angles. And while the Opera Pro panel isn’t the brightest display I’ve ever seen on a smartphone, it’s just about powerful enough so you can clearly see what’s going on when it is sunny outside. You got opera’s. Usual Ultra Vision Engine tools onboarding through the image sharpener and the video color boost.

I can’t personally see. I notice much of a difference. I’m watching crappy content on supported apps. But here ho. And you can also play around with the refresh rate as well. This is set to high by default, which is 120 hertz, but you can bump that down to 60 hertz to preserve power. And for your audio, you do have a stereo speaker set up here on the re way at Pro.

Again, pretty standard for this sort of price point, but is it any goods for momentum? For review and for all on the list in greatest Tech, please do public. Ending that notifications bell. Cheers. Gotta say not bad at all on that top volume, it’s reasonably loud. Packs a bit of a punch. Very bassy, that’s for sure.

I was getting some serious rumble off this thing. Of course if you wanna enjoy some music on the Reno Way Pro, you’re gonna want to get some headphones or a speaker connected, at the very least, nor headphone jack, unfortunately, like again, pretty much every bloody smartphone in 2022. But you do have Bluetooth 5.3 wireless streaming smarts, and that comes with full support for L A C N, hdc, apex hd, all of the stuff you know and love.

And I found certainly that streaming to a pair of headphones, you get some nice crisp sound and. When you all stream in from high red surfaces, the likes of diesel and tid. So now it’s the bit right chat about performance and the Reno eight Pro. 5G is powered by Media Text Density 8,100 max as also found in the one plus 10 R, which provides more stable gaming performance compared with the regular 8,100 and that’s backed here on Ops blower by either eight or 12 gigs of DDR five Ram.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been using this as my full-time blowup for about a week now, and I got no complaints when it comes to the performance. That UI just feels really silky smooth, super fresh, even though it’s got the color of west launches slapped on top, and that is of course helped along by the 120 Hertz refresh display.

Uh, no issues with the apps. They just load up fast. They tend to linger in the background for a while, so you’re not constantly watching them Lord up every time you. And what’s that? You see? You love a bit of benchmarking. Well, copper order of that, then pretty respectable scores overall, especially that multi-core score, which just goes to show multitasking on this thing is a dream.

And yeah, I did find that the game and experience overall was pretty stable. As well. So even the likes of Genson impact, the most demand and Android Fair you can find out there tend to run well on the maxed out graphics settings. I saw a handful of shutters in the frame rate when I was blasting through the likes of Genson impact, especially after I’ve been playing for more than sort of 30 or 40 minutes, but thankfully, You do have op opera’s, ultra conductive cooling system packed inside of this thing as well, a multilayer setup.

And that does a fantastic job of dissipating heat as well. So the back end of the Reweight Pro gets slightly warm after a good amount of gaming, but certainly nothing that’s gonna trouble your fingertips or throttle the performance. And at any point you can whip out those special gaming tools with a quick swipe from the top edge, like.

This includes the usual performance settings so you can boost them right up for more demand and fair like Genson impact. Otherwise, drop it to lower power mode if you wanna preserve the battery life instead. Got the game focus mode, which is pretty good for just blocking notifications, making sure you are in the game, and plenty of other worthwhile bits, including the touch optimization as well.

Good news if you wanna boost or drop down the sensitivity bit. Unfortunately, the battery life on the oppo Reno eight Pro 5G hasn’t been quite as successful. You’ve got a 4,500 milli power capacity cell crammed inside of that chunky chassis, and I’ve found so far my first few days of use, so I’ve only been getting between four to five hours of screen on time from a full charge, which in as good as a lot of the competition.

So basically by the end of every single day I’ve been on DRS at best a couple of times that has died just before I finally stumbled into bed. Luckily you do have that 80 wat Super V Wired charge and support. So if you are running low, you can just BG a cable in it’s bottom and it’ll charge up again pretty quickly.

So you know, 10 minutes charge and should give you enough to see you through the rest of the day. No wireless charging support, however, on the Reno eight Pro. So if you like a bit of wireless charging, Bugger. So let’s finish up this Reweight Pro and Boxing review with the squint at the camera tech, and it’s very similar hardware setup up to the Billy Big bollocks oppo pH five pro, which costs the best part of a grand still.

So that primary sensor is, once again Sony’s 50 megapixel I M X 7 6 6 as found on that finite X five pro. But, The major difference is an unfortunate lack of optical image stabilization. Here on the Reno eight, the Reno eight pros. Focus works well to keep your subject as sharp as possible, and it generally isn’t filled by Freeman or anything like that.

My sample photos were crisp and detail packed with a natural finish for colors. You don’t get the same level of boost in that. Rivals such as Samsung serve up, move indoors and you can still capture realistic look and snap. Those colors are slightly warmer, but only a wee bit. No real damage done.

Meanwhile, the Oppo Reno Air Pro isn’t done in by strong light and or tricky contrast, either. Not until you hit the extremes like these fricking enormous, super bright screens. As for the other lenses slapped on the back of the Reno Airs Pro, where you’ve also got an ultra wide angle shooter, which does the job when you do need a more pulled back.

Just don’t rely on it at night or when the lighting isn’t on your side because the results often aren’t pretty. And you’ve also got a macro snapper as a well, which you have to dive into the more section to actually utilize. And then there’s plenty of other bonus camera modes to play around with all of the usual shenanigans, including a portrait mode with adjustable bk.

And I finally, I got really good results with this, whether I was shooting human subjects or more fluffy stuff, and there is a dedicated night mode as well. But to be honest, you won’t even really particularly need this because the Reno eight Pros killer feature for lowlight photography is OP opera’s, very on mari silicon, X N P U, or Maza, as we’d like to call it here at Tex Expert.

Good old Maza was found in the finite five series of smartphones, and it did a great job there. And it does a sterling job here as well of just brighten up those low light shots, making sure you get surprisingly crisp and detailed images without too much grain creeping in. So you are a bit of a night owl.

You’ll probably get quite a lot out of the reno. It’s pro. And then there’s a small selection of other molds you can piddle about with include a dedicated pro. This gives you fuller control over the shutter speed, the wide balance, the hole works, and if you slide the renal weight pro on into video mode, you can capture up to 4K ultra HD resolution footage, which looks again particularly great at night thanks to all great mate.

Maza got respectable image stabilization. Even at that max resolution, uh, you can’t capture at 60 frames per second. Unfortunately, it does max out to 30 FPSs and unless should bump it back down to full h Dres, audio capture is fine. So yeah, certainly for your whole movies, the Renal Weight Pro will do the.

And for your selfie needs, you’ve got a 32 megapixel front, fierce, intuitive with quite a wide view and angle as you can see there, and that uses Sony’s IMEX 7 0 9 sensor in ambient light. The selfie cam does struggle offering softer results and blur as well. If anyone actually dares to move a muscle, even inec daylight, I find my snaps were a little anemic and not just because they were of my p complexion overall.

If you are a big selfie fan, you’ll want to look. And if you wanna shoot video with that front face and selfie B cam, it tops off at foliage D. And you know, again, results are a little bit soft and grainy, especially when you are indoors. But the audio pickup is fine. And that right there is my full final Frank review of oppose Reno eight Pro 5g after using it as my full-time smartphone for a week.

I gotta say I did get on with it rather well, despite the fact it is a massive flat edge 6.7. Bugger, I’m sure beyond the Maza npu, it doesn’t really do much to differentiate itself from the crowds, but you know what? You got strong, dependable performance on there for everything up to, and I include an intensive game, and media chops are good as well.

Just, yeah, let’s just assume the design wasn’t a bit more alluring. Anyway, that’s what this boldy reckons. What do you guys reckon of the Op Reno eight Pro 5g? Uh, it’s a stupid fricking name, but the phone itself’s. All right. Yeah, definitely let me know your thoughts and the comments blur. Please do plug, subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest tech and have yourselves a Rudy, wonderful rest of the week.

Cheers everyone. Love you.

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