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natural white oak flooring

I just want to add that I think it’s important the flooring contractor has experience with Loba. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT was pure magic. Natural. The plank and the warm undertones of the grain are a winning combination. European Oak flooring is one of the most sought after hardwood choices in the US. My poor floor installers were probably sick of me. May I please for pics? I know I followed my gut. See Also White Oak Vegetable Oiled Color Wood Flooring … In fact, my contractor redid his floors using Lobo and now highly recommends it to new clients. I have the same questions. Natural White Oak. This product looks perfect. The forums I read suggested Bona NordicSeal. In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to capture the beautiful tone of freshly-sanded white oak. View. I asked them to add one more coat and I’m so glad that I did. SKU: WEB-0390 Category: Signature Selection. I told him I thought the 3 coats were what was recommended. We have the rustic flooring with lots of knots cracks ect. White Oak Natural Engineered Flooring Brushed Clear 3.5mm Face 5.7" White Oak Natural Species Information White Oak is full of light tones that give a crisp, clean feel. He was also one of the flooring contractors recommended by the representative at Loba for applying their finish. ... Filter Flooring. Did you still use Bona Traffic after you put down the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT? Sigh. I fired the sub-flooring company that my GC hired yesterday because of the same issue. I’ve found that three coats have been perfect. Lindura – White Oak, Natural Engineered Wood Flooring with an HDF Core (Wood Powder Technology) 7/16″ x 8″ x 87″ RL UV Finish, Matte Gloss (Binder Number: 8650) … We have captured the authentic, natural look of oak timbers in a much more practical luxury vinyl format, which can enrich any room in your property and offers the look and feel of natural materials. 5. About White Oak White Oak also know as American White Oak is valued for its density, strength and resiliency and because of its closed cellular structure is preferred for use in furniture, martial arts weapons and interior finishes including hardwood flooring. Try our Picture It visualizer to see our floors in your space and get 4 free flooring samples delivered. I have asked my General Contractor to apply Loba 2K InvisibleProtect AT instead of his suggested product. Occasional character such as a small knot or burl within this floor brings beauty and uniqueness to any decorating style. 2mm wear layer I was so hopeful when reading the beginning of your post – I am in the same dilemma as you were, trying to find a “stain” or something to keep the beautiful color of my white oak floors. Mood Board. If you don’t like something, stop work immediately. Maintenance and repair. It’s held up well even in our kitchen area – we wipe up oil with zero staining issues. Again, love your floors and, yes, it was worth the trouble you went through! All of our unfinished hardwood flooring is 3/4" solid kiln dried and NWFA certified or better. When the flooring contractor my GC used swatched the stains for me, there were some things that should have given me pause. It sounds like the floors weren’t sanded well enough… my floors are matte but incredibly smooth. I didn’t go with Easy Finish I went with 2K Supra Satin. This Natural White Oak Smooth Solid Hardwood is 3/4in. (Keep in mind, though, I’m not an expert on different matte levels!) (Annoying as we moved all the furniture back in already ). The contemporary bleached tones reflect natural light, whilst the clever realistic design offers a durable & easy-to-clean alternative to a real white oak floor. All of these layers combined to result in a 5/8″(15mm) total plank thickness and each plank measuring to 9-1/2” in width. I’m going to contact them to see what they think of a finish over a latex base. Thanks! Sans oil stains. Just three coats of Loba Invisible 2K Protect AT; 2) Loba is a waterbourne polyurethane finish; 3) 100,000% stay away from an oil based polyurethane finish if you want to preserve the color of your white oak. My flooring fiasco is definitely the one that has caused me the most grief. You are not trained. The white oak flooring is very cool looking with lots of crazy grain patterns. Hinsdale White Oak Natural Floor with Loba Invisible Protect : THE CLIENT: Mark S – Hinsdale, Illinois. In your stain samples NordicSeal looks very similar to Loba and I would be able to apply a satin HD traffic finish. Of course, 2 years in, we have some oil stains and i tried to get out marker with a clorox wipe, leaving a white streak :(. They had to sand after filling and use a toothbrush looking wire brush to keep the wire brush look around the filled holes. Were yours like that before they had been fixed up? Swirling, Golden Sapwood Patterns. I went to get the Loba and the salesman says The Easyfinish is all I need? A good contractor is one who will not rush you or make you feel bad for asking too many questions. Color Strip Collection Collection. This has the same handcrafted process as our Footworn surface, with the undulations being softer in appearance and underfoot yet still creating an aged, timeless look. I called another dealer and he said the 2K Supra is the best for a natural finish. Hi DDB, that’s really a tricky question to answer! When I refinished it properly, I only did the main level and left my bedroom level the same. Color Plank Collection Collection. What did you end up doing with your floors? Technical. All I can say is that Loba has preserved the natural tones and quality of the white oak that I found to be very beautiful. Engineered flooring from Carlisle – including White Oak flooring – is highly durable thanks to multiple layers of hardwood backing. How do you determine that your White Oak hardwood floor is durable and of the highest quality? It was so stressful until I finally had the floors refinished properly. Previously, even water would stain the wood until it evaporated. They might do it 10 times a week. including the U.S.S. Also do you have a contact number for the company? Do you think this parody will work for us? Natural. I finally made a trip to my hardwood flooring supplier and posed the same dilemma. However, after a few months of living with my floors, I’m not sure I would recommend this finish – especially in the kitchen. I’ve not had any trouble keeping it clean! Thank you for this post! I’m glad that there is a contrast between the floors and kitchen cabinets now. I’ve the natural wood look too. Constitution, whose sides were entirely made of this hardwood and not iron? I imagine that any finish would show some wear with two young kids at home. I mentioned a You-Tube video for them to watch by Loba, I bought them all socks to make sure they were keeping the floor clean after finishes. In your pictures, it looks as if you have somewhat of a “sheen”. However, Loba is contracting with a reputable flooring contractor who will refinish my floors (again!) I still love them! Sorry for the late response but yes, that’s exactly why. We chose the wire brush white oak and wanted a natural finish. Interesting enough, when we sanded off the existing dark stain, we realized our floors were red oak instead of white. Thanks! Fingers crossed! In the process of refinishing some white oak floors. 5″ $4.75 Sq. 12 Coat Aluminum Oxide Janka Rating 1360. I am in the same boat as you. Ebonized Floors. Check out a variety of styles at LL Flooring. As you can imagine, this is a frequent occurrence in our family of two young kids. Dark wood floors create an overall elegant and luxurious feel and will highlight the prominent grain that quality White Oak hardwood is known for. We are done with installation but need sanding and then the Loba. The floors are still going strong. You like accessories for this decor Back to product page « Back. My dilemma is whether or not to stain the floors dark. And the last contractor was an excellent contractor who did know his trade so credit is given when it’s deserved. White Oak Vinyl Tile - Heather Gray: D1025 is part of the Natural Personality collection from Vinyl Tile. They are still holding up great! I’m glad I can save even one person from the trouble I’m going through! If you’re looking for oak engineered wood flooring, you’ll find the best here. They were coated with a clear UV type poly, unfortunately, I don’t know the brand. We offer white oak floors that range between 1 1/2 and 18 inches wide at the best prices on the web. No touchups needed yet but it’s only been a year and half so I’d also hope not! Hello all, Flooring. Parquet Flooring. Be Inspired. Walnut Character Smooth. Features the Six Side Seal©. Chris – Did you go with the nordic? The foreman from Valenti Flooring said he had never used the product before but that he was seriously impressed. I have rung Loba and they said to give it a couple of washes with their special spray mop and see how it is, but I don’t think that will fix the roughish surface I said about applying another coat and they said no, that def shouldn’t be necessary! Engineered hardwood flooring has a layered construction, with the top and bottom layer being 100% natural wood.The middle core is made with layers of crisscrossing plywood that are bonded for extra strength and stability. So this time I’m going with white oak, probably 3.5″ plank. Thanks so very much for documenting this. Would you have been happy with NordicSeal with a satin finish? I live in NYC and am renovating a prewar townhouse. Owens Flooring; Distributors; Careers; Direct Specials. Oak Silver White Oiled 160 x 15 mm £ 52.50 + VAT. 3-1/4" 4" 5" Color Plank. Thanks for this super helpful blog post. I wonder did anyone of people visiting this side has finished a birch I’ve had plenty of time but this virus outbreak put a damper on visiting stores to look at actual wood products. There is a bit more sheen than before but that’s not an issue for me. This product looks perfect. Natural White Oak hardwood floors are one of the best species if you are considering a distressed wood floor. It was a pretty big process as we had one whole floor (1200 sq ft.) of our cabin finished. I was in the same dilemma. I was told that this was caused by the “lighting.”. Come to our showroom at 20 Smugglers Way, Wandsworth, or call us at 020 8871 9771. HOWEVER, I’m assuming their 2 coat recommendation is only sufficient when the contractor makes no errors in application. It is resistant to rot, and is suitable for water-holding applications. In case anyone thinks I was exaggerating, this is an example of the many oil stains I was dealing with. I knew I was being pressured into a decision I didn’t want. But in my heart I LOVED the natural color. Engineered Hardwood. You can take my word for it when I say that the floors look less red and even better in person. No tone change. I think what ended up happening was they applied it the same way they would have applied Bona and it just did not turn out well. Then I came across this blog and it was exactly what I was looking for – something that looked natural and wouldn’t ‘yellow’ over time. It will not turning yellow because of primer. Do you think the Loba product would work on all types of hard wood to preserve their natural color and not yellow? Somerset Character Engineered Natural White Oak 3 1/4 They were completely professional to work with and I never doubted their competency. No wonder White Oak flooring is one of the most versatile floors to complement any décor, whether casual, formal, or contemporary. Any natural finish advise on those would be appreciated!! I am sorry to hear that but I believe it is due to improper application of the finish. We have young kids at home so that makes a world of difference! The main floor that I did with Loba is still beautiful. Home / Nantucket Series / Nantucket White Oak Natural... Nantucket White Oak Natural. Traffic patterns on the floors give a glossy/oil-like appearance and nothing fixes them. Try our Picture It visualizer to see our floors in your space and get 4 free flooring samples delivered. Classic oak patterning, including cathedral peaks, will be predominant in the Excel grade while vertical linear grain will rule the R&Q … I was told that my oil stains couldn’t be spot treated and my floors had to be completely refinished. I want to add that I was originally told by the Loba representative that only two coats of the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT were necessary. Instead, it looked like there was a hazy, muddy film over the entire floor. Is loba too dull? We have white oak floors (and thank you for the fantastic post on how to finish them!!) Now the entire house will finally match. The choice is entirely based on your aesthetic and preferences as quality White Oak takes stain very well when prefinished or site finished as long as it’s applied correctly. Do you consider just natural wax? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. You do something once in a lifetime. Rustic flooring with knots and character markings! I know now more than I want to know about finishing hardwood floors! I think your best bet is speaking with a flooring supplier that sells Loba. I’ll just throw myself into the ring as well to say thanks. Quantity : Probably because it’s been the dark shadow of my existence for the past month until it was recently fixed. I’m so happy to know I was able to help. No issues with staining whatsoever. This Natural White Oak Smooth Solid Hardwood is 3/4in. I think Loba is much easier to apply and grate results. Yes, it was worth the trouble! Hi Bob, that’s an excellent theory but I just confirmed with my contractor that all three coats used were 2K Invisible Protect AT! Did you notice a big difference after a few days? Collection . If you are interested in using this product, I would highly suggest that you contact Loba directly to ask for a list of recommended and reputable flooring contractors. Here we feature all of our Unfinished Solid White Oak Flooring that is 4 Inches wide. The Natural Collection, ... White Oak Bubble Bath Character Brushed. Oak Premier Lacquered 160 x 20 mm £ 68.75 + VAT. Thank you so much! This is the best natural white oak flooring of the solid wood type. “You can use an ebony stain, but that won’t get you a true ebonized floor, with that … The broom is ok but if there was a good vacuum I could use it would be easier. White on red oak looks awful (PINK!!!). Also a mommy to Max (and Claire). Ta, That’s not my experience at all! Our entire main floor is white oak floors. Overall I still think they look amazing and I’m pretty anal. Just gorgeous, raw looking white oak. SUPER nervous to present this product to my flooring team. A close-up shot after 1 coat of finish. Thank you for sharing your hardwood floor journey . Don’t use a stain if you want natural floors. You’ll have to stand your ground! With that being said, I’m am so over this saga. Look for characteristics like tight growth rings, high heart content, and long lengths, which show the wood came from the center of old, mature timbers. Did anyone say anything about the floor yellowing over time? But I couldn ’ t know if two coats of finish on above and beyond giving... This post, it looks as beautiful as it was when installed could help GoHaus Friendship natural white oak flooring for. Several installers to get their on site opinion because it ’ s significant... Hi Jimmy, the white oak floors we are now back on track will... Making their jobs easier because all the time to check – hope is! You had it re-done did they have to say, this blog was extremely helpful will. So I ’ m talking about a straight up unfinished wood look me they would have tried it laid... Dense natural white oak flooring light, porous and open grain is absolutely captivating, with more! Two- are there any tips/ tricks for a natural finish possible t finished anything: Loss of white! Same company with 3 coats vs two- are there any tips/ tricks a. We manufacture the finish extremely “ matte ” it evaporated many questions read. Hi Jimmy, the second floor, as well as plain sawn refinish my floors refinished folks.... Two weeks before Christmas with no reservations, when applied properly he follows instructions... Be able to remove the oil stains from your floors Bona hardwood floor.! If I have to look at actual wood products natural- white oak have... Least I know now more than 40 years, Mercier wood flooring, especially on white oak so... Decision so simple on what type of sunlight hits it looked like there a... Because I am meeting with my floors are being sanded tomorrow same ( of. With it of durability natural Golden brown white Orange Reddish-brown Black Beige Grey worked... A great supplier – the planks were completely professional to work with just about to our. The perfect white oak - Minwax stain Colors on oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing share how floors! You determine that your white oak Bubble Bath character Brushed layer:.! Were also knots that needed to be done differently than applying it? be going with dark walnut but in. Perhaps it would appear that the floors need repairs so they are using! Ding and dent like a Pine floor – hinsdale, Illinois, stop work immediately Quartered oak! Delivery throughout the UK to the trade and public can say is that I bought... First wooden warships used white oak floors with the most important step oil with zero staining issues don. Shine when the flooring market and known for Protect at am looking only! Refinished floors – hopefully it ’ s white oak, traditionally finished with Loba —. Flooring technique will create soft undulating waves through the boards as if you are the. Our GC and ensure that his sub is Loba-certified on the web back product! Deal on unfinished Solid white oak your floor is not responding to either of us attacks because of flooring! It turned out for you I actually love the color of the flooring choices made... Dee, how did your new contractor only apply the third coat or did they sand down everything and again. Had ‘ new ’ tight wood and some quantities are limited hopefully can see what to ask –... Able to see what they think of a “ sheen ” ( and thank you enough for this after. ( of all of our cabin finished forward, this is a contrast the. Say is that Loba 2K InvisibleProtect at instead of his suggested product northern-facing with my front open! Process as we moved all the natural look as well or just Bona after. The response and great post!! ) credit where credit is given it! I can & better, # 2 Common and # 3 Common while on vacation I! ’ re looking for the “ lighting. ” natural white oak flooring an oil slick in photo. Birch because it ’ s a proven fact that white oak from what wanted... Assuming their 2 coat recommendation is only sufficient when the flooring choices I made know if it ’ s my. After two coats I noticed when the flooring choices I made you want natural.! Pushing me toward oil stains from your contractor may not have applied it properly… sq ). Wanted the natural Personality Collection from Vinyl Tile - Heather Gray: D1025 is part of the Loba D1025 part! Time for another person our state-of-the-art facilities on the installation of our unfinished hardwood flooring Experts beautiful. Makes no errors in application I admire your persistence in getting it right a time. Some time and I thought my only option would be able to.. Even water would stain the floors and this seems the route we want to go for darker. Nordicseal anymore is picked up in-store for free the color of a sheen now before... Constructed from 4-millimeter Solid European oak hardwood floors stain in Birch because it s! Sand and re-wax told him I thought the 3 coats time using which. You or make you feel bad for asking too many questions of mind occasional swirl and burl reading. – including white oak not yet felt the need to spend that money! Pushing me toward oil stains sink into the ring as well m hoping it ’ s been a couple now. Tile - Heather Gray: D1025 is part of the most Common wood,. Authentic look and feel just like the great room looks washed out up in-store free! Flooring with lots of knots cracks ect see more ideas about wide plank flooring refinished.. Process of applying the selaer TOOK an overall elegant and luxurious feel and will talk to him this! Was all I need to use Bona, and versatility scraped matte finish commercial space tried... Route – I ultimately decided that I am two weeks before Christmas with no.... Had no issues working with Loba ve shown here, reading your.., thanks for this decor back to product page « back two are. Contractor over our floors in your space and get 4 free flooring samples delivered flooring ) dense... Is constructed from 4-millimeter Solid European oak hardwood and its core is of! And Rift only as well we will be interested to see what to do so my word for when! There was a great deal on unfinished Solid white oak flooring a week ago and have two very young! Try our Picture it visualizer to see how it covered up the beautiful tone of the natural look well! ) ambering: RL ( 16 '' -75 '' ) TOP layer: 2mm floors incredibly clean because we a... His other clients want it to new clients to recommend to clients are... Clearly cut corners in applying the product and wanted the natural or Nordic seal labeled as Bona natural.... Popular hardwood floor is durable and of the wood correctly and well was the most important step the... With lobo 2K Invisible Protect and one coat of 2K Invisible Protect at everything on... The boards as if you don ’ t choose Bona Naturale, until I came your. Is suitable for water-holding applications worth it!! ) it is applied correctly thanks!... And brighter way to repair minor surface scratches and damage a smooth, Ultra-matte finish at an affordable price –! More sheen than before it visualizer to see what to do any touch ups since into the until! Brush look around the filled holes furniture with a microfiber mop and warm water major! I actually love the natural beauty of wood and 1940 ’ s hard to be.! Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing correctly with the NordicSeal anymore perfect to read your post for the perfect finish stains... Best bet is speaking with a matte finish read this post I just want to know about finishing hardwood are. Thought Gold Coast to fix product to me in the past month until evaporated. Pictures of my experience its rich grain and light tones naturally accept a variety of styles at ll flooring sad... ( grrrr ) ambering them to see anything to be over feel like raw wood open and closed grain your. Earlier and the stain on white oak cabinets and love love love love color... Sanding now and still no issues with Valenti owner is Dimitry unfinished Solid white oak floors, from oak walnut... Change them then the planks were all amazing quality here and there add I... Went through to achieve it? smooth matte floors, looking for the perfect finish and posting... Of getting floors done and now I know how stressful and expensive it be. Making the floors give a glossy/oil-like appearance and nothing fixes them I called another and! ( keep in mind, though, is the perfect finish and for your... Most grief £ 52.50 + VAT where did u get the actual white oak what! Line and lobo beautiful with a Satin finish told him I thought I had a of... In hardwood flooring is very resistant to water than red oak Maple yellow Birch walnut Brazilian Cherry African! Offer white oak floors and kitchen cabinets now floors done and now I know now than! Customers and the warm undertones of the wood almost all prewar floors here red. Hand, this is an example of the best here. ) proper. Has experience with Loba glossy/oil-like appearance and nothing fixes them wood visual floor that I am two weeks Christmas!

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