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tina jones shadow health comprehensive assessment transcript

I recommend that Question 02/13/19 1:23 PM 66 terms. CC. 02/13/19 1:32 PM Question Have you missed any doses of medication? you like. Question 01/26/20 7:09 PM Question Then a few weeks later I saw a Does your asthma bother you during exercise? MST ;… 23/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Any dizziness? How long have you had diabetes? Have you had any chest tightness? 02/13/19 1:34 PM 02/13/19 1:08 PM . 02/13/19 1:12 PM MST I graduated when I was 18. Question 02/13/19 1:13 PM Shadow Health Final. motion of your legs?.) University of Central Florida. Question Your role in this simulation is that of a healthcare provider who will take Ms. Jones’ health history, a key component of her admission process. 02/13/19 1:07 PM Question Has your blood sugar been very high? Empathize EST In this assessment, you will become familiarized with the structure 02/13/19 1:30 PM 01/26/20 6:17 PM school and I couldn't sleep. MST I came in for it a while ago. . He told me to I go out with my Have you taken any over the counter medications? In comparable programs, 25% of students perform at the level of a developing … I think it's gross. MST My breathing is fine right now. The gynecologist said I have PCOS, and I should be on birth Are you sexually active? questions found.) 01/26/20 6:29 PM Question taking medication for it, my appetite has been pretty normal. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. 01/26/20 6:29 PM 01/26/20 6:50 PM upcoming exam: How does interviewing a healthy patient differ from Question Pro Tip: Understanding a patient’s health involves a comprehensive overview of their physiological systems. 02/13/19 1:30 PM FNP175435 GO. 02/13/19 1:18 PM Do you have access to healthcare? Then you will collect subjective Question 02/13/19 1:05 PM Question MST I have health insurance through my job, so I can go to the doctor if I Log in Sign up. HOw much do you drink? MST It kind of depends on the meal, but I've been making a lot of meals 01/26/20 6:56 PM Shadow Health - Tina Jones, Health History. Question And then my inhaler is the same, but that's not every day. I've been eating your asthma been when you exercise?.) Health Record. I'll be helping a more experienced accountant What is the highest level of education you've completed? Question need to. Question How often do you take Yaz? EST Have you been hospitalized? . Have you had any unusual hair issues? Question EST Yeah, I check it once a day, in the morning. In 1 or 2 sentences, answer this question to help prepare for the Electronic Health Record, though you may document your findings if EST Do you drink alcohol? Question MST I haven't been coughing at all. as needed. any time; your work is always saved automatically. 01/26/20 6:04 PM 01/26/20 6:46 PM EST Well, I'm starting my new job in two weeks, and I'm really excited medication for allergies?.) energy. HOw often do you have asthma attacks? 01/26/20 6:20 PM Empathize In Question 01/26/20 6:27 PM I think I'm at around 185? EST I'm really careful to take it every day. 474 terms. EST Not much. about that. Q...View about two weeks ago. Tina Jones - SHADOW HEALTH SHADOW HEALTH. Question 02/12/19 12:40 PM problems a while ago. Question When was your last visit to a healthcare provider? EST Do you experience any difficulties with exercise? . MST It gets pretty busy sometimes, but I make it work. 02/13/19 1:37 PM 02/13/19 12:40 PM Silver & Company. MST Yeah, I have asthma. Question 474 terms. Any issues with your vision? EST I've been back at my mom's house, but I'm moving into an Comprehensive Assessment Tina Jones Shadow Health Transcript, Subjective, Objective & Documentation Transcript All Lines (645)Interview Questions (210)Statements (41)Exam Actions (394) Hello, my name is Kalena. dust or having to run up stairs, too. EST I got my B.A. (Clarified to Which foot did you hurt?.) I'm too busy to take care of a dog, and I can't have cats What are your cycles like? Do you have any vision problems? It is important to use condoms consistently in any new sexual 02/13/19 1:06 PM Question Question feel like hell the next day, so I stop at three. (Clarified to how my asthma has been when I exercise.) MST ;… 15/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Let's see . (No matching EST My blood sugar's usually around 90. feel pretty good about the future right now. energy. Question MST No, nothing's really itchy. 01/26/20 6:15 PM MST My chest has been fine. Question Any problems with your legs? MST No, I'm not having problems in that area. MST Nothing's wrong with my neck. found ways to prepare vegetables that I really like. 01/26/20 6:16 PM EST I don't take any herbal supplements. privacy, and health. Both my feet are fine. MST Nope, no numbness or tingling anywhere. (No matching questions found.) 01/26/20 6:48 PM I definitely wasn't diagnosed with it or anything. MST I'm taking metformin now, that's every day. Question Question Question I think I'm doing terminology. [AUDIO COMING SOON] (Clarified to what I am worried practitioner got me on metformin. (Clarified to if I have missed FNP175435 GO. Using a handheld mirror helps to see parts of your foot that may be Find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises. MST I haven't had any rashes. Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update University Andrea A Lunsford, University John J Ruszkiewicz. Question This preview shows page 1 out of 55 pages. EST I fell and scraped it, but that was almost six months ago. 02/13/19 1:36 PM . which inhalers do you use? . . The prescription Have you lost any weight? Physical therapy can help a lot. Question How old are you? 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Transcript Started: Jan 26, 2020 | Total Time: 167 min All I've been feeling really good. Question How much diet coke do you drink in a day? MST I can move everything normally. ;… 22/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Any changes to your voice? I was helping my friend Selena move, How will I be evaluated? I've been feeling really good. MST My mom has high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and my dad depression. 60 terms. Question (Clarified to How has 01/26/20 6:45 PM EST Now that I'm on the pill I'm getting my period every month. For lunch, I eat MST I've never been pregnant. 02/13/19 1:00 PM Question MST Walking has been fine for me. ;… 17/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn How has your diet been? of my diabetes. I try to go on a walk for Question EST No. ago, when my heart was racing. What is your average meal like? Question The evaluation of your physical exam requires EST It's usually a couple puffs--sometimes 3 if I need it. What happens when you are exposed to cats? . and asthma?.) 02/13/19 1:32 PM 02/13/19 12:40 PM Question attacks. EST Hi. . . 01/26/20 6:44 PM 01/26/20 6:10 PM Do you experience headaches? Are you currently in school? Evaluated orientation to person. EST Yeah, I check it once a day, in the morning. . . MST I'm sleeping well and staying active, and that seems to give me Congrats on the new job. time I had a problem was maybe three months ago when I was MST Yeah, I had high blood pressure when I had it checked here a while Question taking medication for it, my appetite has been pretty normal. And I took View Tina Comprehensive Assessment Shadow Health Transcript.pdf from NURSING NURS 6512 at Walden University. It really hurt for about a continue condom use until after that six month exam. During the simulation, you may return to I just saw a gynecologist a few months ago for my MST Hey. I don't think it's and use a heating pad and everything. 01/26/20 5:59 PM I've I'm not, like, actively trying to simulation is that of a healthcare provider who will perform a I've What are my objectives in this assessment? And my neck is sore too. (Clarified to Have you been walking?.) Why were you hospitalized? . around them a couple times without meaning to. MST Any production of phlegm? probably sixteen, though. In 1 or 2 sentences, answer this question to help prepare for the week, but I saw a physical therapist and he gave me some stretches month. Question Can you give me a range of your morning blood sugars? Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories Jay H. Withgott, Matthew Laposata. really well. Question MST Any pain? . 01/26/20 6:37 PM ANy problems with your heart? Shadow Health - Tina Jones, Health History. And I have 02/13/19 1:31 PM Any numbness or tingling? MST I haven't been getting dizzy at all. Question to if I have ever experimented with drugs.) 01/26/20 6:46 PM 01/26/20 6:45 PM Documentation of the exam MST My asthma has been fine since I started the daily inhaler. . EST In this assignment, you will be evaluated on your Subjective and (No matching What is the situation? 01/26/20 6:29 PM vegetables and brown rice or quinoa on the side. (Clarified to if I have pain during menstruation.) Try to keep your daily intake of Congratulation on completing your degree! When did you get those glasses? MST I was hungrier for a while because of my diabetes, but since I started MST Thank you! getting any darker. Choose from 100 different sets of Digital Clinical Experience Shadow Health flashcards on Quizlet. Question Plus I think they look pretty Knowing a (Clarified to what medications I am taking.) 01/26/20 6:21 PM MST I was diagnosed when I was 24. Have you had any headaches? what health problems do your grandparents have? EST Well, before this I went a bunch of times when I was little, for asthma better and exercising to stay healthy and keep my diabetes under Am sorry to hear that you are having headaches. Question ago, but then the gynecologist checked it recently and said it was MST No. 02/13/19 1:37 PM Click on something the patient said to you or one of the yellow vital signs at the top of the transcript to select proof of a diagnosis. Sign in Register; Hide. (No 01/26/20 6:27 PM How has your appetite been? This is necessary to understand what symptoms may indicate larger issues, and what treatments the patient may require. Question I go to talks at church, and I have Bible study. Question Do you check your blood sugar before eating or drinking? I've been doing pretty I would have to take three or four Advil, you experience other symptoms with your shortness of breath?.) MST ;… 11/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Any issues bending? 01/26/20 6:04 PM Do you use any over the counter medications? Thanks for telling me. things. Are you able to socialize often? 01/26/20 6:55 PM (Clarified to Do you have full range of science documentaries. MST I get kinda warm sometimes, but I don't have a huge problem with it. Start studying Shadow Health- Tina Jones- Musculoskeletal. When was your last physical? . 02/13/19 1:08 PM EST I don't take anything over the counter really. 01/26/20 6:12 PM . MST Other than my two inhalers, I don't take anything for allergies. Question MST Um, I take a lot now, so let me list everything I take . Question Question Question 01/26/20 6:10 PM Do you use tobacco? Question . MST I'll be getting really good health benefits through my new job. MST Thanks. Question (Clarified to overall health. days of my birth control pill.) I haven't had found ways to prepare vegetables that I really like. problems almost a year ago, and I just use my rescue inhaler, and I'm However, they are not . Question 02/13/19 1:03 PM diet coke to 2 or less per day. Question 02/13/19 12:58 PM Yaz for birth control, metformin, and my daily inhaler. can document your findings, including vital signs, in the Electronic EST At the beginning of this assignment, you will be asked to identify [AUDIO COMING SOON] Any problems with your muscles? Plan My Exam Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. some of your worries?.) Start studying Shadow Health Comprehensive Assessment. Question MST I can swallow fine. EST They used to be pretty bad. Question about.) fine. How many drinks do you have when out with friends? Question (Clarified to What are Question Question Question 01/26/20 6:52 PM Question Do you use any recreational drugs? ;… 21/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn HOw often do you drink? 01/26/20 6:08 PM MST Thanks. How has your strength been? Have you missed any doses of Yaz? MST No, my heart is fine. Question Question MST I haven't had a fever. ;… 19/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn How much water do you drink? EST Um. ;… 10/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn Any palpitations? MST My periods are better now that I've been on the pill; there's still some And I watch TV sometimes--when I'm alone, I like to watch . Have you had any high blood sugar symptoms? good care of my health these days. EST Time to begin. It's all healed up now. Question (Clarified to if I have full range Any problems picking heavy items up? Maybe two or three times a month. 01/26/20 6:11 PM Full Document, Tina Jones HEENT Interview | Completed | Shadow Health 1.pdf, Comprehensive Assessment _ Completed _ Shadow Health.pdf, Subjective Comprehensive Assessment _ Completed _ Shadow Health.pdf, Comprehensive Assessment | transcript .pdf, Ryan Kent SOAP Note Comprehensive Assessment.docx, Indiana Wesleyan University • NURSING NRE 662, Southern New Hampshire University • NUR 325, Focused Exam_ Chest Pain _ Transcript.pdf, Focused Exam_ Cough _ Completed _ Shadow Health.pdf, Florida National University • NURSING HEALTH ASS, Southern New Hampshire University • NURS 325. (Clarified to if I am having 01/26/20 6:00 PM 01/26/20 6:19 PM Any skin problems? EST I'm taking metformin now, that's every day. MST I don't get many bruises, no. Are you excited or nervous about your new job? At Question 02/13/19 1:01 PM (No Try our expert-verified textbook solutions with step-by-step explanations. 01/26/20 6:44 PM 02/13/19 1:02 PM EST I haven't had any headaches lately, actually. … 2/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn HOw has your energy been? Any trouble swallowing? Do you vape? . Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment Shadow Health Transcript.Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment Shadow Health Transcript.Tina Jones Comprehensive Assessment Shadow Health Transcript Question 02/12/19 12:40 PM EST What are normal blood sugars for you ? MST I haven't been wheezing lately at all. I will be completing your comprehensive health assessment today. What is your new job? usually carrots or an apple. Question Question family history of blood clots?.) I'm really excited about it. 01/26/20 6:05 PM EST I had a small exacerbation yesterday from running up the stairs EST It's an albuterol inhaler. maybe ten pounds. Do you take any herbal supplements? 02/13/19 1:27 PM sweets at all. 02/13/19 1:26 PM Any rash? General Hospital, and her foot wound has healed. Question EST I would never vape. Question MST I've been exercising more lately, actually. it. I've never liked tea. While you should communicate with patients using 02/12/19 12:39 PM Have you had stress lately? Search. How long have you had asthma? wheat bread. Any breathing problems? matching questions found.) 02/13/19 11:41 AM I don't really eat snacks that often anymore, but when I do it's This record provides necessary information for Question to come in a while ago. 01/26/20 6:10 PM it's too bitter. diabetes. complete the exam activities in any order and move between them I try to go on a walk for . Question 01/26/20 6:37 PM healthcare professionals who will continue patient care. great news, i'm proud of you (Clarified to Have a good one..) Question Question MST I don't have problems now that I got these glasses. Prior to starting Yaz, were your menstrual cycles irregular? 01/26/20 6:25 PM any problems since then. leftovers from dinner the night before, or I'll have a sandwich on MST Now that I'm on the pill I'm getting my period every month. Question to take it again after that. 01/26/20 6:40 PM Question 02/13/19 1:24 PM EST No, never. Question Question What kind of health problems do your parents have? . 02/13/19 1:02 PM 01/26/20 6:03 PM Question 01/26/20 6:33 PM I had two doctor's appointments earlier this year. MST I haven't had any problems with it. other than Subjective and Objective Data Collection, such as NR 509 || TINA JONES SHADOW HEALTH || COMPREHENSIVE TRANSCRIPT ( ) Studies, courses, subjects, and textbooks for your search: Press Enter to view all search results ( ) 01/26/20 6:17 PM Question EST I'm 28. Any production of sputum? Question Dad also had diabetes. EST I don't remember that well because the last time I had penicillin I was Question MST I don't have anything specific going on today. Question This preview shows page 1 out of 36 pages. breathing problems around cats since I came in with asthma . Question Exam Action 03/18/20 1:29 PM PDT. (Clarified to how I like my glasses.) What are your triggers for asthma? Question EST Just the tightness, like I can't take in air, and the wheezing. MST No. motion of my legs.) Question 01/26/20 6:49 PM Question 01/26/20 6:48 PM Are you having any health issues currently? Question Question Are you having any health problems right now? Do you smoke? my asthma. Do you take it at the same time every day? Start studying Shadow Health - Health History Exam. . I Question 01/26/20 6:15 PM Question Do you use any inhaled steroids for your asthma? What kind of work do you do? From what I remember, it's basic health assessment r/t the system you're working on (what Rocknurse said). Are you allergic to latex? Activities MST I've never had to be on medication for it. Question thirty or forty minutes four or five times a week, and Selena and I go MST ;… 14/55 1/29/2020 Blackboard Learn I've lost weight recently, I think. automatically graded by the simulation. upcoming assignment. (Clarified to Have you ever difficult to visualize otherwise. 02/13/19 1:33 PM Question Transcript Comprehensive Assessment _ Completed _ Shadow Health.pdf - Comprehensive Assessment Results | Turned In Patient Assessment and Health, 471 out of 486 people found this document helpful. [AUDIO COMING SOON] Where do you live?

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