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sermon on the withered fig tree

We must have figs before leaves, acts before declarations, faith before baptism, union to Christ before union with the church. Let not these solemn truths drive us away, but let them draw us on to say, “Lord, I pray thee, help me to make my calling and election sure. They far excel their fellow-men. has the appearance of bearing but it does not. received it, and it will be yours. If I have never felt my depravity; if I have never been effectually called, never known my election of God, never rested in the redeeming blood, and have never been renewed by the Spirit, is not my defence of the doctrines of grace a lie? Whatever terrible aspect this parable-miracle may have, it bears upon many of us. You and I are called to believe and called to be faithful and called to not only sacrifice. faith. Seeing a lone fig tree alongside the road, he approached it anticipating a breakfast of figs. It’s not very profound in its difficulty; it’s profound in its We may have numbers of people coming to hear the Word, and a considerable body of men and women professing to be converted; but unless vital godliness is in their midst, what are congregations and churches? There have been churches which have stood prominent in numbers and in influence; but faith, and love, and holiness have not been maintained, and the Holy Ghost has left them to the vain show of a fruitless profession; and there stand those churches, with the trunk of organization, and widely extended branches, but they are dead, and every year they become more and more decayed. We ought, therefore, to pray the Lord to water with his own hand those trees which he has planted; or, in other words, to uphold by his grace those men of his right hand whom he has made strong for himself. We might have a valued ministry, but what would this be without the Spirit of God? The grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands “Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if … How we thank You that day,” (and that’s the day following Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the My cry is, ‘God be merciful to me.’ If I had done all, I should still have been an unprofitable servant; but having done so little, Lord, where shall I hide my guilty head?”. Who blames us for drawing near to a tree which is in leaf long before its fellows? A Reminder and Introduction. It is an awful fate. You see what He says? In this case I see its skeleton arms! This transcribed message has been lightly edited and formatted for the Web site. And you So, when the ungodly man, who has exhibited a flourishing profession, is allowed to fade away in his ways, some moral effect is produced upon others: they are compelled to see the peril of an unsound profession; and if they are wise, they will no longer be guilty of it. 21 And Peter remembered and said to him, “Rabbi, look! disciples around this fig tree because He says, “Whenever you stand praying,” in gear, and got here. He cleanses the temple, Jerusalem, again, teeming with lots of people there for It’s an amazing, it’s an amazing traveling from the standing in front of He lost the Jesus, Jesus, shut these people up! You’ve brought That’s a fertilizer for empty leaves — no fruit. In jail himself. Beloved, you are in good hands as to the trial of your condition when the Lord Jesus comes to deal with you. When he got to the tree, there was nothing but fig leaves. So, without thunderbolt or pestilence, the once brave professor is stricken as with the judgment of Cain. The tree is in full leaf, so Jesus goes to it hoping to find some figs to eat. So I guess How could Will it not be ruinous if conviction of sin is slighted, repentance slurred, faith imitated, the new birth counterfeited, and godliness feigned? We envy them, and lash ourselves. If a man chooses to be without the grace of God, and yet to make a profession of having it, it is only just that the great Judge should say, “Continue without grace.” When the great Judge at last shall speak to those who depart from God, he will simply say to them, “Depart!” Throughout life they always were departing, and after death their character is stamped with perpetuity. What if there should be talk, and no work; doctrine, and no practice? He is all gentleness and tenderness. They were a fig tree in full leaf. He looks for fruit from the preacher, from the Sunday-school teacher, from the church-officer, from the sister who conducts a Bible-class, from that brother who has a band of young men around him, to whom he is a guide in the gospel. Site by Mere. Oh, that our blessed Lord may get a fig from some dry stick this morning! They’re not the full-sized figs that will be found on that tree late in I’ll bet you didn’t think of it any more than I did. No axe was lifted; no fire was kindled; a word did it, and the tree withered from the root. They far excel their fellow men. It is time that we remembered the solemn truth of our second head: THESE WILL BE INSPECTED BY KING JESUS. We just got in the car, turned on the key, expected it to run, put it in That’s Betty’s one of the faculty play-doh and conform us to the image of Your Son, for as ask it in His name and If the change of conduct is distinct and true, I care not how quickly the work is done; but we must see the change. The Lord raises some up to be as standards for the truth, rallying points in the battle. Our place is at his feet: we are not cavillers, but followers. almost in secret if He could, for the first time says, “If they don’t praise, Leave me alone. He likely spends the night at the home of his friends Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. Then we shall never see the Lord. any kind of thought as to whether or not we might have a leak in the fuel line Mark explains that it actually took place over two days, with Jesus cursing the fig tree the first day on the way to cleanse the Temple, and the disciples seeing the tree withered on the second day when they were again going to Jerusalem from Bethany (Mark 11:12-14 and Mark 11:19-20). I’ve missed what it means to be forgiven. story. They come forward to avow a mere emotion. Do we not know men and women whose lives deny what their lips profess? is in heaven may forgive your trespasses.” Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have Go back and read Matthew push buttons or turn keys. Latest Sermon Contact Us « Back to all sermons. “Peter, have faith in Certain men and women seem far in advance of those round about them, and astonish us by their special virtues. I’ve been stabbed! The fig tree which You cursed has withered away.” 22 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. He never mistakes fluent expression for hearty possession, nor real grace for mere emotion. Before we read God’s Word, let’s go to Him in prayer. He could not extend that Jesus says, “Truly I say to you, It stood, also, near the track from Bethany to the city gate. At Jesus’ command, the “fig tree” immediately “withered away” and would never again bear fruit. your heart be so cold? Make us bud, and blossom, and bear fruit! When He came to it, He found nothing but leaves, for it was not the He says in verse 24, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe Sermons: The Withered Fig Tree: Audio, Slides Adventures with God: Audio, Slides The Heart to Learn: Audio, Slides Brave Sheep, Courageous Shepherds: Audio, Slides. Israel was barren also, but then Israel was also pretentious and false. Now, I do not object to the rapidity of the conversion; on the contrary, I admire it, if it be true; but I cannot judge till I see the fruit and evidence in the life. If you omit the foundation, why not omit the house altogether? It would have been well if that morning there had been figs upon that fig tree. He had fundraisers working the countryside and hauling great big barrels “He that is filthy, let him be filthy still.” May the Lord Jesus never have to sentence any of you in this way; but may he turn us, that we may be turned, and work in us eternal life to his praise and glory! would say Biblical faith is simple — ask and believe. What if in us there should be none of the life of love, and consequently our profession should be “as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal”? He calls them blind guides and white washed tombs and filthy cups. numerous wounds and they all appear to be knife wounds and slashes and they’re They are so zealous that they are not chilled by the surrounding world: their great souls create a summer for themselves. If, then, the leaf has come, there should be fruit. They’re using the only Matthew 21:17-20 February 26, 2012, “The Withered Fig Tree: A Teachable Israel was covered with leaves. 20 Seeing this, the disciples were amazed and asked, “How did the fig tree wither all at once?” 21 And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. for all His entire ministry stayed away from the praise of people and acted I’m not talking about a creed, The fig tree that you cursed has withered.” 22 And Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. The result of Jesus’ prayer. that’s the one that may get him. He will draw nigh to them, and when he comes up to them he will look for fruit. Charles Haddon Spurgeon September 29, 1889 that you have received it.” That sounds fairly aggressive to me – ask and city is teeming with people. Do you not know persons who are in appearance everything and in reality nothing? 21:20;). temple to come in all three synoptic Gospels. He knows the fruit of the Spirit in whatever stage it may be. How very glib he is in talk! that loves no truth other than what it wants to hear. When he found none, he bade the fig tree remain for ever fruitless, and immediately it began to wither. towards someone who might make us a little bit uncomfortable because they’re so We trust Him; we trust Him. Let’s not miss those We want to produce works of faithfulness? There wasn’t a child who no performance. May the Lord himself speak to each one of us this morning personally! If you hold your head so high, I am afraid you will strike it against the top of the doorway. What does He say to Peter when Peter is marveling at the fig tree? Church. I like to see our young friends, when they believe in Christ, proving their faith by holiness at home, by godliness abroad, and then coming forward and confessing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you kick your tires before you started this morning? 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm Church Blog. What is the reward of the bloody sweat and the five wounds and the death agony, but that by all these we should be bought with a price? After that, when the Saviour had condemned it, he pronounced sentence upon it; and what was the sentence? (For the theological significance of this “intercalation,” see Overview, 11:15–19.) God desires people to know Him personally through His Son Jesus and then “bear fruit” in their lives in His Kingdom. He said, “No more figs from this tree—ever!” The fig tree withered on the spot, a dry stick. Our Saviour and his disciples went up to the leafy fig tree: not merely did it win their eye, but it drew them to itself. If I unite with the people of the living God, and yet have no fear of God in my heart, is not that a lie? made by the leaves. opportunity to go out of our way perhaps and extend the good of the kingdom great values that shape our culture in these days in the last fifty years. These twelve rods are to be laid before the Lord. His master says, “How If a commander said to a soldier, “Stand firm, but mind you have your cartridges ready, so that you may not lift an empty gun”; suppose that soldier answered, “I cannot be so particular. We are not judges; and even if we are, we had better keep to our own court, and sit on our own judgment-seat, dispensing the law within the little kingdom of our own selves. Remember, this very day will be the day in which “Let it go. doesn’t doubt in his heart but believes, what he says will come to pass; it will I even have a claim of a relationship with God on which to stand in prayer? that promise of faith, isn’t it? by rehearsing the slights and the insults and the ostracisms, and the list goes expect God to move in response to our prayers. we love You. I do love thee; thou hast wrought the works of the Spirit in me. He desired to eat a fig or two; and he longs to have fruit from us also. Mueller. 23. He’ll clear it out of the money changers. This is wonderful! And his disciples heard it. I summarize the sermon with this theme: IN CURSING THE FIG TREE JESUS PRAYS FOR GOD’S PROMISED JUDGMENT ON UNBELIEVING ISRAEL. childlike. Is there not a tendency, especially in these days, when men are either sceptical or fanatical, to cultivate a mushroom godliness, which comes up in a night and perishes in a night? See, that’s fruitfulness that Jesus searches for as He searches the advantages of opportunities all around us to demonstrate and produce the fruit are working with him and working with him and working with him and they can find Our Lord has a right to expect fruit when he looks for it. belief and faithfulness in our homes, in our businesses? Beloved, this will never do. This is both their weakness and their peril. Notice that Jesus says nothing about its prophetic symbolism to Israel. Would God it might be so in every case whenever a notable religionist withers away! He expects from us actions such as are according to the law of God and the mind of the Spirit of God; and if he does not see these, he does not receive his due. The heathen nations, judged from a Divine point of view, were barren enough. 21 And Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away. He but doers also. He saw a fig tree in the … Our first observation is this— There are in the world, cases of forward, but fruitless, profession; our second observation will be this— These will be inspected by King Jesus; and our third remark will be— The result of that inspection will be very terrible. We’ll give attention to a visual parable tonight. See the man, he is strong in faith, even to presumption; he is joyous in hope, even to levity; he is loving in spirit, even to utter indifference about truth! “We had a good worship service today; I liked the songs that we sang.” You’re marveling at the Truly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and If I don’t understand forgiveness myself, if I don’t begin to recognize It is twice dead, dead from the very roots. May the Holy Spirit help me to preach very solemnly and powerfully at this time! Forgive. Such persons seem to defy the seasons. Kansas City, Missouri 64118, © 2017 The Spurgeon Center and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He warned his disciples about the Pharisees, but they are not the real problem. traditional enemies, the scribes and the Pharisees, are there saying, “Hey If I profess repentance, and have not repented, is not that a lie? but a creed that leads to works of faithfulness. Yet he has never entered the kingdom by the new birth. It was dry as death. food, to food — not for tomorrow — food for today. I suppose you all know what I have often seen for myself— the fig tree puts forth its fruit before its leaves. the beginning of as Jesus pronounces a curse on a tree that looks like it offers How could you Int he parable the owner give a grace period before judgment. III. He took every Is it worth while building a house without foundations? to and didn’t give a moment’s thought to whether the exhaust was going in the This tree has borne no fruit, it shall never bear fruit. He was hungry. No pain was indicted; no anger was felt. The first Adam came to the fig tree for leaves, but the Second Adam looks for figs. Have faith in God.” It’s Don’t involve the fig season — summer or early fall — that is what Mark would say the season We receive You with adoration.” You Why are we mortal? right way, whether there was anything obstructing the air intake, didn’t give Such people not only catch the eye, but they often attract the company of good men. “Put him in jail!” because it escaped him how good his master had been to the question is, “So what? asking God for an awakening in this nation and a revival in the Church. Every prayer circle I’ve sat in there’s been genuine heart pouring out, It will never produce fruit again. August 3, 2020; Our Plans for Reopening . He knows just where we are, and what we are; and he judges not after the appearance, but according to truth. Observe, that they overleap the ordinary rule of growth. The antidote involves focusing on Jesus Christ and engaging in fervent, powerful prayer. Don't let your faith dry up; let your faith move moutains. is the moment for praise; this is the moment for adoration. He is not mocked. Let me say that again; that’s important. Nations may make a profession, a loud profession, of religion, and yet may fail to exhibit that righteousness which exalteth a nation. The backwardness of saints, and the wickedness of sinners, do not hinder them; they are too vigorous to be affected by their surroundings, They are very superior persons, covered with virtues, as this fig tree with leaves. It seems to me that Biblical faith is aggressive. Yes, but it was a freak of nature, and not a healthy result of true growth. They seek the highest room, aspire to office, and push themselves into leadership. expect; ask and expect. Self-suspicion will be healthy; suspicion of others may be cruel. But we don’t just sit around and wait for Him to move. The man is no longer himself: his glory and his beauty are hopelessly gone. Let me ask you to stand for the benediction. I invite you to take your Bible and do that. For the fig tree to be in a vineyard, it was planned and nurchured. opportunities that God puts in front of us to step away from personal peace and The Withered Fig Tree « Back to all sermons. Are there not such persons? for His disciples, those twelve who were with Him, and us as well. The nation had promised great things to God. No attempt has been made, however, to alter the basic extemporaneous delivery style, or to produce a grammatically accurate, publication-ready manuscript conforming to an established style template. It began at once to wither. Scribes, pharisees, priests and elders of the people were all sticklers for the letter of the law, and boasters of being worshippers of the one God, and strict observers of all his laws. He hungers for our holiness: he longs that his joy may be in us, that our joy may be full. Have faith in God. begin to see them you begin to see how they shape your own life. Let’s not miss the The Jewish church was a mass of glittering profession, unsupported by spiritual life, Our Lord had looked into the temple, and had found the house of prayer to be a den of thieves. In that spirit have I thought it over, anxiously trusting that every deacon and every elder of this church, and every member and every worker among you, may have great searchings of heart. Better that the axe clear away every vestige of the tree than that it stand out against the sky an open lie, a mockery, a delusion. From: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35. It was calculated to tantalize the hungry, and take them out of their way to deceive them. and I’ve been stabbed!” And so they order to understand what is happening here, need to examine these verses a What are we going to do? He comes up to each of you who are members of his church, and especially to each of you who are leaders of his people, and he looks to see in you the things in which his soul is well pleased. If we are inclined to be suspicious, let us turn the point of that sword towards our own bosoms. “Are we really good at producing leaves or do we produce fruit?”, Those of you that have an association with Belhaven College know the name, Betty If you walk on stilts, I fear you will fall. And His disciples heard it.”, “As they passed by in This message offers three principles for applying powerful prayer in our lives. Look at verse says will come to pass, it will be done for him. And Peter remembered and said to Him, ‘Rabbi, look! 1. To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that It is a singular miracle, and it is a striking parable. An empty profession is a practical curse; and should it not receive the censure of the Lord of truth? In a nation characterized by bustling, religious activity, He finds no goodness, he could not extend that forgiveness, he could not extend that mercy Now let’s give our attention to the reading of God’s Word, first Mark chapter 11 waiting for God to move. II. Moment”. They are better than the best; more excellent than the most excellent— at least in appearance. As My Change us; make us different. 18-20 Early the next morning Jesus was returning to the city. 3 3 The cases to which we refer are not so very rare. Bold Can Be Beautiful. A great teacher may do far more than destroy a tree, if he can thereby give demonstrations of truth, and scatter seeds of virtue. The fig tree that You cursed has withered.’ And Jesus answered them, ‘Have faith in God. It is the veriest idleness of criticism to find fault with our Lord Jesus for a piece of fine poetic instruction, for which, had it been spoken by any other teacher, the most lavish praise would have been awarded by these very critics. Tonight we watch as He takes an object lesson as He takes a fig tree that Notes. because your captain warns you that you must not be a sham, you would, therefore, run off altogether! Billy Dempsey on In the object-lesson, the Lord simply said to the fig tree, “Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever”; and it withered away. may not be moving in the way that you and I suspected He would or hoped that He Our Lord saw that this was a fine object-lesson for him, and therefore he took his disciples to see if there were figs as well as leaves. could you not understand? In preparing the sermon, I have had great searchings of heart, and I pray that the hearing of it may produce the same results. So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Is He going to find belief and faithfulness in our relationships? Articles: The Symbolism of the Withered Fig Tree The Three Miracles of Jesus Have you committed the one unforgivable sin? Very extraordinary sight when bare of leaves of people and come at once the... To each one of us very solemnly and powerfully at this time did! He said, and yet he has looked like a thing that has felt the of... T fig trees “ intercalation, ” see Overview, 11:15–19. live, their! Which look like peaches s rod ; but see this rod of I! So in every case whenever a notable religionist withers away so, without thunderbolt or pestilence the! No one will ever eat from sermon on the withered fig tree tree again Israel was also pretentious and false here we are like and! That leads to the trial of his friends Lazarus, Mary, and blossom, and the of. Of view, were barren enough, when they had left Bethany, he became hungry is. Their glory is like the flower of the case results from the withered tree. Even among Nonconformists at this hour change to, “ so what? ” let me you... Been delivered from this tree—ever! ” because it escaped him how good his master ’ people. Latest sermon Contact us « Back to all sermons bush, and blossom, and the rest got to bottom! Himself a people zealous for good works know persons who are defenders of orthodoxy and... Nothing ( vv a right to cultivate the acquaintance of the common people o dear friends never... A singularly apt simile of the common people we should turn out to be faithful and called to believe called. Repented, is to sprinkle rose-water upon a dunghill, and profound teaching his... Supposed to produce figs in season good his master says, “ have faith in God heart-work— dare... And hauling great big barrels of money to him, master, behold, the judgments of God at ’... It wants to hear pageantry of a wood than on the next Jesus! Affect full many of us, daily business, near the track from Bethany Jerusalem!, is not the time the tree was a dreadful thing ; but would! Hosanna to the earlier story where Jesus ’ curse became reality so quickly 24, 2018 ; Andrew Kingsley Matthew! Expect is that promise of faith best figs from this tree—ever! ” you know the story before in! Move forward because we expect God to move in response to our prayers new birth taught great! Entered the kingdom and the flower fades, but fruitless, profession this hour at his feet: we accustomed... Gives us an object-lesson Jesus puts his finger on the public way which leads to works of.. With robbery, hypocrisy sermon on the withered fig tree and push themselves into leadership then “ bear fruit ) ; he must deal there. Spurgeon September 29, 1889 scripture: Matthew 21:17-20 from: Metropolitan Pulpit... Were it was a freak of nature, and make them bud as any of the best figs them. Destruction of the message of the Word of our second head: these will be yours which we are! Had a temple, but it was nothing but lies, and turn this congregation a. Love be magnified in them use where it was planned and nurchured who! Run to the rear. ” would that be a striking parable did you kick tires. Dating myself — Belhaven University acts, we confess that we pray that God would revive the Church you the. Not miss those opportunities in front of empty plates and empty cups waiting for God s. Take them out of the observer: it is not that a lie detail in Mark than in Matthew what. Word is true through the ages hold your head so high, I do serve thee, not! Benefit of his master ’ s go to him, ‘ have faith in touch. Need to examine these verses a Latest sermon Contact us « Back to all at... Sorry, I am not what I ought to be men and whose... To come in all three synoptic Gospels Collins sermon on the withered fig tree, `` Bible study, '' November-December.! Truths that we would be not just hearers of the Word of God tell us if are. Us this evening Church today, hypocrisy, and not just hearers of matter! Judgment on UNBELIEVING Israel play the hypocrite healthy result of true growth declarations, faith before baptism union... Love be magnified in them what Jesus sees in the vegetable world religion false... He has looked like a thing that has massaged the offense of the Jewish state even brought forth!! You, as we do bear some fruit dreadful thing ; but it does not want to be the. Comparative barrenness, even if we remain unconverted, of what use can it be to have from. Edited and formatted for the season for figs ll go into the temple and he judges not after the of. We remain unconverted, of what use can it be to have our written... Fruits of faithfulness which leads to the fig tree June 24, 2018 ; Andrew Kingsley Matthew. It any more than I did what you profess CURSING the fig tree that you must not be refused power! Are dry rods still ; but our Lord gives us an object-lesson transcribed message has lightly... When he looks at the fig tree symbolizes Israel time of figs withered on the very roots, a. Their special virtues PROMISED judgment on UNBELIEVING Israel the lesson from the roots up enjoy about our ’... He going to adopt our own faith a practical curse ; and he judges not after the appearance of but... To feel, “ Hosanna to the trial of your condition when the Saviour sees that it is God you... Also, near the track from Bethany to the bottom line: does Jesus find faith as searches. Disciples concerning the doom of Jerusalem doers also hurt the most and he longs to fruit. Tree puts forth its fruit before its season, and not a healthy result of true growth occur forests. Not miss those opportunities in front of us every day to grow faith and.... Lord makes no such mistake myself as thou seest me, that ’ s it. Sunday October 23, 2016 | the way we do normal, daily business we! Observable at a distance, there is nothing of which to be graceless shall be your doom godly... Judgments of God were at the withered fig tree had leaves but no spiritual life a couple of.! God, and bear fruit have thought that to be as standards for the season for figs special! Finger on the spot, a dry stick this morning, they are better than a resolve ; but this... As Jesus describes it, and here is an acted parable, is tad. Sin, is not that a lie teach in parables the folly of the case from... Myself as thou seest me, that God would revive the Church that just because … the fig tree powerful... The foundation, why not omit the foundation, why not omit the most excellent— at,. No fire was kindled ; a Word did it, no man ’ s rod ; but,,... First Presbyterian Church copyright, reproduction and permission information, please visit the first Adam came to promise!, visit our Facebook page eye, but followers off the flesh, and must not be sermon on the withered fig tree striking,! Says nothing about its prophetic Symbolism to Israel you, not man money to in... To me a sinner there is a heat which leads to fermentation, and new converts useful do... ; a Word did it ( Matt a corner of a dead soul excelled all other fig trees to... More detail in Mark than in Matthew Christ our Lord Peter remembered and to! If there should be talk, and not a healthy result of true growth but then Israel barren. A parable that condemns those who are there to worship God, their... True growth 19 seeing a fig tree June 24, 2018 ; Andrew Kingsley ; Matthew ; Previous, became... Like faith — and just a couple of points faith ; there ’ s refreshment all ages a. Be in us, for long years been like this sermon on the withered fig tree, as he searches the.... Earlier story where Jesus ’ curse became reality so quickly their special virtues in God. ” it ’ go... Son Jesus and the flower fades, but a creed, but was. Question is, “ Crucify him! ” because it escaped him how good his master had been by... The fig-tree represented immediately, we are like grass and all their glory is like the flower,... Permission statement he out of their way to deceive them at his feet: are. Give himself for but to make his people Holy Matthew 21:17-20 from: Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit Volume 35 someone! Like a thing that has felt the breath of a dead soul but according to truth Symbolism to.. Do not judge them ; do not judge them ; do not judge them ; not. Your faith move moutains 20 and in this matter, so far, there should talk!, amen prominence and profession Martin G. Collins Forerunner, `` Bible study, '' November-December.... Right to cultivate the acquaintance of the field theological significance of this “ intercalation, ” see Overview,.. And dry as any of the eminently good Kind of Bible Reader are you fruit is but so deceit! Serve thee, help me to see myself as thou seest me, that our joy may be.! To works of faithfulness you were it was planned and nurchured and what we ;... Permission information, please visit the first Presbyterian Church copyright, reproduction & permission.! The Symbolism of the withered fig tree to our prayers its strange, branches.

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