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Top YouTube vanced Substitutes for Binge-Watching Videos

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YouTube Vanced is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative inventions of recent times. It was a YouTube-like experience without annoying issues like annoying ads, constant adjustments to the interface, and questionable updates such as eliminating the counter for dislikes. Then, not only did Vanced resolve all of these problems, but it also introduced additional features that completely altered how you consume content.

The SponsorBlock API continues to be among the most useful features Vanced offers. It effectively omitted all sponsorship segments and self-promotions. This can save the viewer a lot of time when watching videos. Vanced also featured an authentic AMOLED dark theme, which viewers enjoyed. However, Vanced had to cease its business following a warning from Google.

Although it’s not as smooth and elegant as YouTube Vanced, we have alternatives that provide viewing videos without ads and allow you to download video content to your smartphone. Relax, take a seat, and look at some of the top YouTube Vanced alternatives you should utilize in 2022!

Best YouTube Vanced Alternatives in 2022

1. LibreTube

The first item on the list is we’ve got LibreTube It is a stunning YouTube client that gives you an unadvertised video viewing experience. It lets you modify the playback controls, and is open-source, so you can add features to it in the future. The only drawback is that LibreTube is in the beta stage and does not have many options, such as the ability to sign in with an existing Google account. The app is quick and fluid and performs as promised.

2. NewPipe

NewPipe is an excellent alternative to YouTube Vanced. It doesn’t rely upon any one of the Google Frameworks to function and is built upon a different API that doesn’t need users to sign up for an account with a Google account to watch videos with no ads. The app features a simple interface that doesn’t have much to do. Although you can transfer your subscription feed to existing Google accounts, you can’t sign into a new account by using the application. NewPipe can also download videos using a variety of different qualities.


3. SkyTube

SkyTube is like NewPipe in many ways, and we would recommend one over the other in the event of problems with either. Like NewPipe, SkyTube doesn’t run on the YouTube API, which means it can provide seamless, ad-free streaming. You can import your YouTube subscriptions to avoid starting from scratch, but the app does not yet provide support for logging in to an existing Google account.

4. Kiwi Browser with extensions

If you’re disappointed by the amazing SponsorBlock integration YouTube Vanced offers in its store, we’ve found a solution! Kiwi Browser is an internet browser based on chromium that is available through the Play Store and can stream videos on YouTube via the mobile web. While this may sound intuitive, you can download extensions like an adblocker and SponsorBlock to experience a similar experience to YouTube Vanced. The only disadvantage to such a method would be the awkward and confusing design of the YouTube web application.

5. YouTube Premium

Although we would be reluctant to admit that the best experience for watching videos is provided via YouTube. Although it isn’t complete with features such as SponsorBlock or the hate counter, there’s no doubt it is the most official YouTube application that can provide the most smooth and speediest experience when you consume videos. YouTube Premium removes all ads, unlocks premium content, and lets you view videos in the picture–in–picture (PIP) setting. YouTube Premium offers pretty appealing pricing for its family package, which is why you may be interested in checking it out.


We hope our post on the best YouTube Vanced alternatives provided you with some valuable information. If you have suggestions for other Vanced alternatives to the ones we’ve listed, please inform other readers in the comments section below! For any questions concerning the article, don’t hesitate to reach us. We’ll be glad to assist!

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