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Now is the era when every person indulges in writing, whether as a professional writer or a freelancer. We can find all sorts of writing content online, like blogs, websites, business, sports, technical writings, or political opinions. Due to the rising number of writers and writing content, the need for polished and enhanced writing software has also increased. 

Your Mac device is undoubtedly an entrance to any digital communication; for authors using mac devices, having a good and reliable MacBook + writing software is essential. I think that Macs are excellent devices for writing stuff. In addition to the new MacBook, keys upgrade, it may be an enjoyable and straightforward design of software and hardware that keeps you focused.

Qualities needed nowadays in writing software are that it must be technology supported by a sophisticated AI that will improve the quality of your content. A creative writing tool may enhance the overall content by doing spelling checks, correcting grammatical problems, and proposing style modifications to make the entire material more inclusive through its extensive collection of features.

There is a considerable amount of writing software available in the market. Knowing which tool you need to integrate into your workflow may take time. Or maybe you are interested in seeing what else you can try or want to know the specifications of others. I will discuss some of the top writing tools for mac devices with you guys excluding Google Docs and Microsoft Word. I am sure everyone is already familiar with these two.


Grammarly is the best tool for checking grammar mistakes or plagiarism for short content. Grammarly is probably one of the most frequently used writing applications, with over 10 million active users today. The feature of the software says it all. No other app gives the precision with which grammar and spell checks are performed in this tool.

Not only that, but Grammarly also offers the corrections it proposes with comprehensive explanations. Grammarly is compatible with almost all operating systems. It also provides a great tool to assess your work’s readability, clarity, and overused expressions.

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Squibler is an effective tool for writing to satisfy the creativeness of storytelling writers. It could be a useful hack that helps novel and book authors to create and produce material more quickly. Its ‘Note Cards’ function enables authors to split their display, organize their work and monitor their progress by creating note cards.

Apple Pages

Pages seamlessly work across all Apple devices, allowing you to collect where you left on your iMac to your iPad or other mac devices. The flexibility to use Apple Pencil on iPad is an excellent way to create drawings, write, and record documents. It is just like you could scroll and select with your finger, which is one of the best benefits of Pages.

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For individuals who wish to download and refine a document when time permits, Drafts is an efficient writing tool. And you may set up a texting experience when you are set to knuckle down with plenty of interface modifications such as custom fonts, line height, spacing, and margins controls.

It has an extended line over the keyboard to translate, modify and change your text quickly. Make lists, and use Markdown to correct things. It also incorporates many applications and services that interact with your workflow.


Evernote is a platform for taking notes of any sort. It’s been my starting point to keep all my notes, thoughts, and sentences on a MacBook. It helps organize everything. Users can create notes, text, drawings, photos, music, and stored online material. Notes may be marked, commented on, altered, searched, and can be imported into notebooks. Evernote is free, and restrictions can be removed for $9.99/month.

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