Fix: Android 13 Not Showing Fast Charging or Not Charging Fast

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Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Realme, and others have begun rolling out their steady Android 13 build. Although a number of models have received their hands on the latest solid Android 13 build, a greater number are on the way while they go through the beta stage. A lot of Android 13 users struggle with quick charging since the device doesn’t support rapid charging. If you’re in the same boat, read this guide to learn the reason and possible solutions.

Significant features and changes have been incorporated into Android 12 by Google. In addition, the most recent version of Android 13 is like a polished version of Android that has more colors and improvements in multitasking. Even though Android 13 is called a stable update, it’s still not without bugs and glitches.

Recently, users have noticed that they aren’t able to experience rapid charging after upgrading to Android 13. The phone isn’t charging quickly enough. While the issue has been most often reported by Samsung users but the issue isn’t only limited to Samsung makers, as some users who are using other models are experiencing the issue.

If you don’t see a rapid charge after plugging in the charger, it may be the result of an error in the software. If you’re not using the original cable or adapter, your device is not likely to be able to charge at a rapid rate. In many phones, you need to activate the fast charging feature manually in Settings. There are a variety of reasons that a phone may not display the speed of charging. Let’s look at the methods for troubleshooting.

Android 13 Not Showing Fast Charging or Not Charging Fast, How to Fix?
Check out the following solutions to resolve the problem with fast charging on your Android 13 device. If the solution you choose to try does not work, try the next. After attempting one solution then, connect the charger and determine if the issue has been resolved. Repeat this process until the issue is solved.

Before we start troubleshooting, make sure your device is compatible with fast charging. To confirm, take a look at the specs of your device on the official website.

1. Make Sure Fast Charging is Enabled

If your smartphone supports fast charging, however, you don’t see a text such as “Fast Charging,” “Super Fast Charging,” or similar, it could not have activated the fast charging feature for Samsung phones; follow the steps below to activate fast charging.

  1. Start your settings application on the Android 13 device.
  2. Go to Battery and Device Care and then tap on it.
  3. Tap on Battery.
  4. Click on Additional battery options and then tap it.
  5. You can enable fast charging If it’s disabled.

The steps below apply to Samsung phones. If you own a phone from a different manufacturer, you should look for an option to charge faster. It’s located in the Battery Settings.

After you have enabled after enabling the Fast Charging option, your Android 13 phone will charge quickly. You should also be able to see the icon for fast charging when you connect the charger.

2. Check the Adapter and the USB Cable

USB cables and adapters are susceptible to breaking down, no matter how top-quality the materials used to construct them are. It is important to inspect the adapter and USB cable for damage. Be sure the cable isn’t bent, or else the wires within the outer layer could snap.

If the part is damaged, Replace the part that is damaged and then check to see if the issue is resolved.

3. Make Sure the Adapter and the USB Cable Are Original

It is recommended that you have the original adapter and USB cable that came with the device. Perhaps you purchased it in stores. The original charger not only has the fastest rate of charging, but it’s also additionally secure since using an inferior cable can damage the battery.

Check that adapter and ensure that the adapter and USB cable are both original. If they’re not, purchase the original item and enjoy the highest charging speed for your phone.

4. Update Your Phone

The most recent software update on the Android 13 phone could be the cause of problems with rapid charging. If it is, the company could soon make a hotfix available via a software upgrade. The issue of rapid charging is more frequent with users who have downloaded an Android 13 beta version. When you install the next beta build or stable version, the issue will be resolved.

To determine if an update is available, click Settings and then go through the software update area. If the update is available, you can download and install it.

5. Reboot Your Phone

The background tasks in your Android 13 phone could draw a lot of energy. This can result in more battery consumption, and therefore, your battery might be unable to fill its full capacity. Uninstall any unnecessary apps on your smartphone to limit background activity, and then reboot your device.

It is possible to restart or reboot many Android phones by pressing the power button while pressing the Restart option in the Power menu.

To further limit background activity, switch off the energy-saving mode. It significantly reduces background activities while retaining only the necessary ones.

6. Change the Power Outlet

If the power outlet is having any issues, it might not provide a steady flow of power or the necessary voltage. It’s difficult to tell whether the outlet is having issues when you look at it from the outside. So, it is recommended to try charging your phone with an alternative power outlet.

7. Clean the Charging Port

As time passes, the charging Port of our phones collects dust. This could cause problems with charging. The charger might not function in the same way if it is well-maintained. It is recommended to clean the charging Port frequently.

Use a needle or toothpick and clean the dust from the Port for charging. Be careful not to damage any of the pins that charge. Clean the charger port connect the charger, and verify whether the issue with fast charging is resolved.

That’s how you can fix Android 13 not showing fast charging or charging slow. We hope that one of these solutions worked for you. Should you still have concerns you’d like to ask, please write them down in the comments section below.

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